Monday, March 17, 2008

Top Ten Antivirus Tools For Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

By John Synder

Although there are ten obviously good Antivirus software programs there are also top ten Antivirus tools as well. After doing research the lists do differ from web site to web site. So, in a sense this is only one list and they do vary. However the list is informative and does allow the user the ability to see what some other users have decided on. As a result there are many sites available that have both positive and negative feedback posted as comments on site as well. The following list is an idea of what the top ten tools are and remember they do vary depending on the search results.

#1- Linux Antivirus cleaning kit

Used for detecting and cleaning the computer hard drive.

#2- Bullguard

It is a type of shield that can be used to protect or detect possible threats that can have malicious applications.

#3- Protector Plus Software

It is also used for protection of the security and your computer data not being compromised.

#4- Etrust EZ Antivirus

A smaller version of security program designed for protection.

#5- Sophos

Protection used for users who have access to the Internet that will detect suspicious content.

#6- Intrusion Scanner - created to scan and detect intrusion on your computer as well as other software that might cause problems.

#7- Kaspersky Lab

Program used to identify and remove potential risks and malicious programs attempting to corrupt files and data on a computer.

#8- Email Server for virus free Internet

They concentrate mainly on emails and applications associated with the Internet email account. Detects threats and is capable of showing real time warnings.

#9- Complete Internet Protection

Program used to somewhat give a user peace of mind when they are going on the Internet. It protects from potential download threats.

#10- Mac Virus

Used specifically on the mac operating systems and has an additional firewall addon with the program. Once installed detection can be made of harmful content.

There are many other security programs that can ultimately be used. These were just a few that were listed as the top ten antivirus tools on a website. Make sure to read all of the information given on the web site to determine if the web site can be verified as legitimate, otherwise you should exercise caution when downloading any program from the Internet onto your personal computer. There is a risk if you aren't sure about the program. Every user should keep this in mind with no exceptions unless certain that the download is safe.

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