Friday, March 21, 2008

Computer Virus Protection Reviews

By Markus Sampson

If you have taken the time to read this article then you are most probably looking for a computer virus protection software review to help you decide which virus removal tool will help remove possible infections your PC may have. Given the fact that there are quite a few of these tools on the internet today you really need to test a few and decide which one has a better effect in terms of removing infections and increasing your PC's performance. Lets briefly talk about what computer viruses are and how they can infect your PC.

A computer virus is any malicious software application which secretly installs itself onto your windows system without your awareness and destroys your system files, folders and can even delete your entire hard drive. With the internet growing larger each day more threats have become available which has put PC users like you and me at high risk of receiving these infections while we casually browse the web and download applications. The most common methods of infection include bundled freeware application downloads, executing unknown advertisement boxes or pop ups, opening infectious email attachments and from downloading files from p2p networks.

Due to the fact that these pieces of software are designed to cause instant damage and can infect a wide variety of important system files the only way you can safely remove them is by using computer virus protection software which is designed to detect signatures within files and remove them accordingly. You will know if you have been infected as your PC will suffer from severe reduction in speeds, frequent reboots, error messages, formation of unknown desktop items and decreased privacy levels in internet explorer.

Antivirus protection is a top rated computer virus protection tool which has continued to gain much popularity because of its powerful virus removal abilities. If you wish to download the latest free version and scan your PC now please visit the website below. [ ]Antivirus Protection Download

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