Monday, March 10, 2008

Spyware Blocker - Fighting the Threat of Spyware

By Zip Robertson

The biggest threat to privacy and security on the internet, spyware, is increasing it's threat. Studies published by America Online in association with the National Cyber-Security Alliance, show that 80% of the surveyed users have had their computers infected by spyware. An average computer surveyed close to 93 different components present in its system. What's worse is 89% of those users were not even aware that it was present, and 95% of them have not given their consent for spyware installs.

The Spyware Threat

Part of a larger category of malware (malicious software), spyware applies to a specific category of software that take control over a computer's operation, and intercept information transfers, without informing the user of such activities, or given consent for doing so. Spyware is closely related to adware, trojans, spybots, and other tracking software. Most installs execute without letting the user know, in a stealthy and hidden manner, sometimes when downloaded with legitimate software bundles. In specific cases, the software may install itself via a security hole in browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Once installed it may become noticeable by displaying pop-ups and banners with ads for sponsored products or sites. These annoying advertisements are a less serious threat compared to other effects spyware can induce, such as obtaining secure and private information, for example credit card numbers.

Spyware Blocker - Regain Control of your PC

It has become common wisdom to equip your computer with anti-spyware software, an actual blocker, to prevent these kinds of attacks. Programmers work around the clock to produce spyware control software, helping users keep the spread under control and keep their computers safe. Blockers will operate in two ways to protect against spyware: real time protection and manual scanning and spyware removal. Real time protection blockers will prevent any spyware application from installing. Manual scanning involves the inspection of the computer's installed software and then the removal of known spyware files.

Users have no excuse for exposing their computers to spyware and other malware, as they can easily download blockers from the Internet and effectively block and remove spyware if it has been installed and further protect their computers from being installed.

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