Friday, January 4, 2008

Basic Computer Knowledge - The First Step Prior to Acquiring Basic Computer Training

By Joseph Brochin

For acquiring promotion in this modern technological era, you are required to keep the pace of the growing world by having sound knowledge of computers by basic computer training. It is a fact that for becoming a computer savvy, you need to firstly acquire the basic knowledge of computer. Once you acquire it, you are provided with a platform necessary for enhancing yourself with the technological advancements that are continuously coming up. The tools provide the basic knowledge in computers which is always going to be helpful to you in all spheres of life.

Necessity of basic computer training

Basic computer training ensures you a platform for acquiring the training related to the current technological advancements. Without it, it is very difficult for you to acquire anything from the more advanced computer program training that your company sponsors. Here is some basic information about computers that can work for you prior to taking basic computer training. By acquiring the knowledge from this data, you can prosper in your area.

The general basics in any program can be derived from its courses offered in the basic computer training. More information about the computer, its various parts and function is stated. Central Processing Unit or CPU is recognized as the computer brain. Different drives associated to the computer are held by the CPU.

The drive used for inserting floppy diskettes is Drive A. The 'Hard Disk' forms the next major drive of the computer where all the programs are installed for working. Depending upon the number of partitions, these drives are generally symbolized through simple English alphabets. However, Drive C will always be there. CD Drives are another important part of a computer. They are used for loading or acquiring data and programs on to or from the hard drive. Their labeling is done according to the number of partition of hard drive and the number of CD drives present. All these will be nicely explained to you in any basic computer training.

Apart from the drives and the CPU, these references to the fact that the computer system consists of keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer are done. In a course, different input and output devices used for providing the system with user defined messages and then displaying them are discussed in detail. Through any training it is true that people definitely learn more minutely about computers. It definitely makes the trainee efficient and reasonable enough to understand his/her own actions. It might have been noticed by you that due to the advent of graphical interface, people use computers even without knowing the actual logic behind the action. This should be avoided because by half knowledge is worse than no knowledge and may lead to serious consequences like loosing data, crashing of hard disk etc. So it is always preferable to at least have basic computer training to safe guard yourself from any mishap.

After knowing the devices of a computer, you should learn the procedures for starting them. It is simple. Just press the power button of your monitor and CPU and as soon as the images are displayed, the system has been started.

The next thing is to know the working of different software associated to your system where the requirement of it through reputed organization comes into being. Basic computer training builds the first step on the ladder of success.

Joseph Brochin wrote several articles on basic training in computers and other information technology solutions and related subjects.


mahasiswa teladan said...

hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

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